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Following Fareham Borough Council’s purchase of the airfield in 2015, its plans and developments are progressing apace and it has published a strategy for the overall development of the airfield site which can be seen here

The credibility of this document with regard to the scale and future of aviation space and retained runways/taxiways/parking/hangars will be fundamental to the confidence and viability of potential aviation users and investors. An operator, Regional and City Airports Limited, has been selected to run the airfield. The new contract, due to commence on 1stApril 2016 for a 5 year period, based on a new specification. Unlike the current arrangement, the specification not only requires the operator to fulfil the typical day-to-day operational activities (such as air traffic services, fire support, safety and security, etc.), but also includes a key role to work in partnership with Fareham Borough Council to grow the airfield in line with the Vision for Daedalus. This will include exploring how to improve the number of visitors to Daedalus, supporting the introduction of new visitor and heritage facilities, fuel arrangements, and improvements to air traffic services, navigational aids and runway lighting.